Safe, non-invasive and clinically-proven

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy) is one of the safest treatment modalities, without any side-effects, codependency or risk of overdosing. FDA-approved, PEMF has a long history of human and animal use with increasing popularity due to its safe, chemical-free treatment.

PEMF’s discovery was heavily funded by NASA, which invested millions into research and implementation of PEMF pads into spacecrafts, to provide the astronauts with electromagnetic fields that kept their cellular and muscular health and mobility even in a gravity-free space.

In 1979, the FDA approved PEMF for veterinary use for non-union fractures on racehorses and has been FDA cleared to treat:

  • post-operative pain and edema
  • osteoarthritis
  • plantar fasciitis

How does PEMF technology work?

Pets’ entire bodies are electrochemical organs and can be effectively influenced by low and safe electromagnetic frequencies.

PEMF uses electromagnetic pulses to stimulate and balance the cell’s functions gently with a pulsating magnetic field that penetrates deeply into the tissues and cells.

PEMFs are producted through a magnetic field generator and copper coils, which are usually placed in a mat or a pad. The treatment is painless and non-invasive, and most pets find it relaxing and soothing.

How it works - Petspemf 2

Before PEMF

Red blood cells are clustered, restricting area surface area for optimal oxygen and nutrient delivery.

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After PEMF

Red blood cells are de-clustered and fluid, allowing them to deliver oxygen and nutrients more effectively.


The magnetic field stimulates electrical and chemical processes within the cells, helping to increase blood flow and promote the regeneration of damaged tissue and recharging the cells.

When used on pets, PEMF therapy can help to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, promote healing, and improve overall health and well-being. It is often used to treat a range of conditions in pets, including arthritis, joint pain, muscle strains, and other types of injuries.

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PEMF has been scientifically proven to:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Encourage relaxation
  • Increase the body’s anti-inflammatory response
  • Reduce swelling
  • Improve mobility
  • Ease stiffness
  • Increase energy

Petspemf Programs

The frequencies, intensities, and applications of PEMF therapy are rooted in scientifically and clinically verified research, as outlined below.

Pain Relief
Pain Relief
Accelerated Healing
Accelerated Healing
Stress Relief
Stress Relief
Pain Relief
PEMF therapy uses low-frequency electromagnetic pulses to relieve pet pain by stimulating cells and improving circulation, reducing inflammation and swelling. It's non-invasive, boosting the body's anti-inflammatory response for improved mobility, reduced stiffness, and increased energy. A natural and effective way to relieve pain in pets.

Recommended Stimulation Regime:
Frequencies: 50.6 Hz and 15.2 Hz
Intensities: 2.5 mT and 1 mT
Position: Over the affected site
Duration: 30 minutes
Therapy: until needed

Accelerated Healing
PEMF therapy speeds up healing by stimulating the body's natural processes, improving blood circulation and reducing inflammation and swelling. It also enhances the effectiveness of other treatments and supports the body's own healing, leading to faster and more effective recovery.

Recommended Stimulation Regime:
Frequencies: 15.2 Hz and 40.5 Hz
Intensities: 2.5 mT and 1 mT
Position: Over the affected site, over the wound
Duration: 30 minutes
Therapy: until needed

Stress Relief
PEMF therapy relieves pet stress by affecting the brain and nervous system, releasing mood-enhancing neurotransmitters and lowering cortisol levels. It promotes relaxation and improves overall well-being, and can also treat anxiety and depression.

Recommended Stimulation Regime:
Frequencies: 4 Hz and 6 Hz
Intensities: 2.5 mT and 1 mT
Position: Plexus (belly), whole body, head
Therapy: 1 week: 3 x 20 min a day, then 2: weeks
1-2 x 20 min a day

Revolutionizing Veterinary Care with PEMF Therapy

Dr. Tom Walsh
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

After working years as a general practice vet, Dr. Walsh established PrimePet Rehab, a small animal rehabilitation and physical therapy service that treated animals at a number of local veterinary clinics.

Dr. Walsh now uses therapeutic laser exclusively in combination with other treatment modalities like Petspemf Pad, cryotherapy, and canine massage with astounding results at his clinic in Myrtle Beach, SC.

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How it works - Petspemf 6

Tania Costa
Owner of Canine Wellness Centre Inc., Toronto, Canada since 2003.

As a veterinary technician, Ms. Costa is certified in rehabilitation, acupressure, pain management canine massage as well as extensive training in myofascial release, osteopathy, and joint mobilizations.

Ms. Costa specializes in senior and paralyzed dogs as well as soft tissue injuries found in agility and sheep herding dogs. Ms. Costa has been using PEMF in her practice for the past 10 years, and is using our Petspemf Pad to allow recovering pets quicker healing as well as increase pain management strategies.

Petspemf devices are the most customizable and advanced PEMF devices for pet use

Petspemf devices are based on over 30 peer-reviewed studies on animals, offering the largest range of frequencies for selection on the market. Our devices are pet-safe, antibacterial, easy to use, and offer the safest and non-invasive therapy for pets.

Petspemf devices respond to physical touch and are entirely app-controlled, with antibacterial, anti-scratch, and waterproof covers.

Breaking barriers between clinical exclusivity and the future of home gadgets, our devices undergo constant updating within the latest PEMF scientific findings. To collaborate with us, contact us, or visit Neopemf for more information.

Safety of PEMF technology

PEMF therapy for pets is considered safe and has been widely used for various purposes. The low-frequency electromagnetic waves used are non-invasive and do not cause harmful side effects. PEMF therapy is also FDA-approved for use in human medical treatment. However, it’s always recommended to consult a veterinarian before using PEMF therapy on a pet.