The Story and Quality of Petspemf

Petspemf devices are specifically designed to help and benefit our beloved pets, following the effectiveness, quality, technology, and usability standards. We are determined to only offer the best, verified products of the highest quality, based entirely on 30 scientific, peer-reviewed clinical studies.

We have created Petspemf PEMF devices for pets after years of developing PEMF devices for human use. Omnipemf and Petspemf are trusted innovative brands creating highly effective, science-backed PEMF devices. In 2021, the NeoRhythm was pronounced as a TOP 4 wearable innovation at the World Innovation Cup in Germany. Today, with more than 30.000 devices sold, we can confirm that our quality standards meet our client’s expectations.

Omnipemf and Petspemf were founded around the idea to make PEMF accessible and affordable. I firmly believe that the pursuit of a healthier life should not be a luxury reserved for a select few, but rather attainable for all.

Our aim was to lessen the hassle of extended waits and appointments at clinics and enable people and pets to benefit from the wonders of PEMF technology on a daily basis. It gives us great pleasure to be a part of the success stories of so many individuals.

– Marko Kadunc, CEO of Petspemf

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We are welcoming collaborative opportunities for research organizations and individuals, offering PEMF research and scientific cooperation at Neopemf.

About Petspemf

  • 2016

    Omnipemf was founded

    We created our company with a mission to bring PEMF out of the clinics and into our homes by making it affordable and accessible.

    About us - Petspemf

  • 2018

    We conducted two studies and developed the world’s first portable PEMF device NeoRhythm

    BION Institute and Omnipemf conducted two double-blind, placebo-controlled studies with NeoRhythm, studying the effects of relaxation and focus.

  • 2019

    Our IndieGoGo campaign got 7.616 backers

    NeoRhythm was amongst the Top 1% of IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaigns

    About us - Petspemf

  • 2019

    NeoRhythm was launched

    We launched one of the first portable and most effective PEMF devices for human use

    About us - Petspemf

  • 2021

    The Innovation World Cup

    NeoRhythm is pronounced as Top 4 Wearable Healthcare Innovations

    About us - Petspemf

  • 2021

    Omnipemf started developing Petspemf

    We started to research PEMF for animal use and develop PEMF devices for pets.

    About us - Petspemf

  • 2022

    IndieGoGo campaign for Petspemf was launched

    Petspemf was amongst the most successful pet campaigns on the platform.

  • 2022

    Petspemf is launched

    We launched one of the most advanced, versatile and pet-friendly PEMF devices.

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