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Refer to the User Guide ( and safety information provided before using the Petspemf products. Use Petspemf products as described in the instructions provided on our official webpage ( or in the User Guide/Manual. If your pet experiences unexpected reactions during or after the use Petspemf products, an immediate cessation of said use is necessary.


Petspemf products are not a substitute for professional health care or medical consultation. We are not responsible for any health problems that may result from recommendations, activities, other information, or events that occur during the use of Petspemf products. Therefore, for any products or services recommended on this website, all product packaging, and instructions you purchase or intend to purchase should be read carefully. Use and application of Petspemf products is done at own risk and with free will. Information provided on this website, affiliated Petspemf sites and the use of any product or service from our website(s) does not constitute a health professional’s advice or relationship. Moreover, information and statements regarding the devices’ safety discussed herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or other equivalent entity and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

We are not responsible for any decisions, actions, and potential subsequent incidents, your pet or an individual that applied Petspemf products to your pet experiences while or after using Petspemf products.

For further information please contact MDCN Tech Ltd.


  • The use of Petspemf devices is contraindicated for animals who are pregnant, have epilepsy, are actively bleeding, have implanted metals, and/or have pacemakers. The safety of Petspemf devices during pregnancy has not been established, although there is no evidence of harm. Most manufacturers warn against the use of their devices during pregnancy.
  • Do not use while the animal is in motion in the first two (2) months of regular use. Use while in motion is discouraged.
  • General disclaimer: Keep Petspemf products away from animals if the device is broken and/or malfunctioning. Animals may use it under strict supervision. This device has not been tested on animals under scientific supervision.


The low and medium-intensity pulsed electromagnetic fields generated by Petspemf products use similar levels of energy as the natural vitalizing energy of the Earth. All reactions tend to diminish relatively quickly with continued use. Consequently, if the adverse reactions are intolerable, they can be lessened by making some small changes to the application protocols. These changes include decreasing treatment times, lowering intensity, and limiting the amount of the animal body that is being subjected to the device’s effects.


  • Petspemf products are not a substitute for your pet’s healthy lifestyle or for their professional medical care.
  • Keep the User Guide/Manual of your device and consult with it regularly.
  • It is recommended that your pet is laying down during the use of Petspemf devices.