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Product Info

The Petspemf Pad is a non-pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory PEMF mat for dogs, cats, or other animals. It has been scientifically proven to alleviate pain and inflammation in animals without undesirable effects. PEMF therapy offers a safe technology that can be used as a stand-alone therapy or in conjunction with the treatment plan for all animals. It is the effects of this induced current that are therapeutic.

PEMF (Pulsed electromagnetic field) technology products apply non-invasive frequencies into the body of the pets which enhances their body’s natural corresponding frequencies. The whole body of the pet is an electrochemical organ and hence can be influenced by electromagnetic frequencies.

Today, PEMF technology is used to treat post-operative pain, edema, osteoarthritis, anxiety, depression, chronic wounds, arthritis, and many other conditions in pets. The increasing amount of clinical evidence from all around the world supports the fact that PEMF therapy is beneficial for use in both human and animal use.

The only difference between the two sizes is the length of the pad. The larger pad has more coils and covers a larger surface which is suitable for bigger animals. The small pad can be used on animals up to 20 inches (50cm), and the large pad can be used on animals above that length.

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In the package, you will receive one Petspemf Pad (large or small according to your order), and one special bag in which you can find one test tube with a magnet. The test tube can be used to listen to the frequencies that are emitted from the Pad. Additionally, you will get one micro USB, one hard reset tool, and one QR code that takes you to the User Manual.

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The technology used is the same. The differences between other PEMF devices and the Petspemf pad are the following:

  • Most other PEMF devices for pets offer targeted therapy – for one body part. Petspemf Pad uses 5/6 coils (small/large) which provide PEMF therapy to the whole body of the pet.
  • Other devices require your constant assistance as a pet owner, monitoring the pet not to chew on any cables or scratch the device. Many pets are temperamental, they move, chew on things, etc. Petspemf Pad is designed so that animals can lie, scratch, bite or sleep on it, without presenting any danger.
  • Many PEMF devices for pets have a limited battery of 150 treatments, and are advised to take 2 hours break between treatments. Petspemf Pad has a rechargeable battery and can be used for an unlimited amount of time.
  • Petspemf Pad is supported by 30 scientific studies and is made from anti-scratch material. It additionally has a waterproof inner cover so that the coils stay dry and the device works through all the messes and spills.

Petspemf Pad is the first gesture-controlled PEMF device for pets, controlled with a simple tap and an app. Unlike most PEMF devices, you do not need to be constantly monitoring your pet, as it doesn’t have any visible cables your pet could chew on, and the sensor box can be inserted into a pocket. It also has a waterproof, antibacterial, anti-scratch cover to protect the pad from any spills, bites, scratches or dirt.

Petspemf devices are regulated by the FDA, classifying all PEMF devices for animals as medical devices. FDA encourages veterinarians and animal owners to report adverse drug experiences and product defects associated with animal devices to FDA.



PEMF devices have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat non-union fractures and are cleared to treat:

  • post-operative pain and edema,
  • osteoarthritis,
  • plantar fasciitis

Non-invasive, non-thermal PEMF technologies now have a long history of clinical use, delivering over 3,000,000 treatments without registering any side or adverse effects. We are bringing PEMF out of the clinics and into our homes to help our animals live their longest, happiest lives.

Yes. Petspemf Pad can be used as a stand-alone therapy or in conjunction with the treatment plan for all animals. PEMF therapy for dogs, cats and other animals is a safe and proven way of aiding animals in pain relief, stress relief,  and accelerated healing.

Yes, animals with metal implants can use Petspemf Pad. Read below which animals shouldn’t use PEMF.

Petspemf Pad should not be used near people or animals with implants such as pacemakers, non-MRI-safe IUDs, cochlear implants, or mechanical heart valves. Pet owners with such devices should keep at least 30 cm or 12 in distance from Petspemf Pad when it’s turned on.

Yes, one of PEMF’s first uses was to treat racehorses for non-union fractures. Non-invasive, non-thermal PEMF technologies now have a long history of clinical use, delivering over 3,000,000 treatments without registering any side or adverse effects.  We are bringing PEMF therapy for dogs, cats and other animals out of the clinics and into our homes to help them live their longest, happiest lives.

There aren’t reports of side effects or significant adverse events from PEMF therapy. The electromagnetic field that the device emits has no scientific reason to be believed as harmful.


Payment & Shipping

Worldwide shipping when purchasing a Pad is free, while any import duties and taxes are the sole responsibility of the buyer. Check your local import laws for a tax estimation, particularly if ordering from Canada or the UK. For US customers, no tax is added on purchases under $800, while in the EU price already includes VAT.

Shipping when purchasing a Pad is free to most countries, except to China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan where the cost of shipping is $80. Please note that any import duties and taxes are the sole responsibility of the buyer. Chinese customers can also purchase Petspemf through our Chinese distributor, https://infiniti-c.co/.

We apologize for the inconvenience. If your form of payment or credit card isn’t getting recognized by our payment process we advise you to check out using PayPal or contact us for more information.

Orders are shipped every day and take approximately 3-5 business days to arrive.

You may return your Petspemf Pads within 15 days of package delivery for a full refund of the device. Visit our Refunds and Returns page for detailed step-by-step instructions on our return policy.

It is best to check if your insurance company covers PEMF products. Some pet insurance companies, such as Healthy Paws, MetLife Pet Insurance, Nationwide or PetSecure do include PEMF devices such as Petspemf in their coverage.

We offer free shipping to the US, the UK, the EU, and 96 other countries. If you have any questions regarding delivery, do not hesitate to contact us. Petspemf currently cannot be shipped to Mexico, Brazil, Chile, India, Vietnam and Russia due to local import laws.


How To Use

Petspemf Pad has three programs for pain relief, stress relief, and accelerated healing.

  • For Pain Relief, the recommended daily regime is 30 minutes and the therapy should last until needed. The pad can be positioned over the affected site or the animal can lie on it, and use it as a PEMF bed.
  • For Accelerated healing, the recommended daily regime is 30 minutes and the therapy should last until needed. The pad can be positioned over the wound or affected site, or the animal can pay on it.
  • For Stress Relief, the recommended daily regime is a maximum of 3 times for 20 minutes and the therapy should last 1-2 weeks. The pad can be positioned on the plexus, the whole body, or the head of the animal, or the animal can lie on it.

The battery life of the Petspemf Pad is approximately 4 days if the device is used 8 hours per day. The battery life depends on the type of program you use – the higher the frequencies of the program are, the more it drains the battery. The Petspemf Pad can be fully charged in approximately 2 hours.

  1. CHARGE Charge your Petspemf Pad for a minimum of 2.5 hours when using it for the first time. Petspemf Pad is unlocked when plugged into the charger.
  2. DOWNLOAD THE APP Download the Petspemf App to your mobile device or tablet from the iOS App Store or Google Play store.
  3. START THE APP Press START and accept the Terms and Conditions. Make sure to have Bluetooth on your device turned ON and follow the step-by-step User Guide. If you are using an Android device, you will be asked to enable location services using the app.
  4. WAKE UP THE DEVICE Double tap the control box to wake up the device (confirmed by a double vibration) – at this point the device is ready to use.
  5. CONNECT Click the CONNECT button in the app and wait until the Petspemf Pad pairs with your device.
  6. START SESSION Once you select a program, set your duration and the session will begin (followed by single vibration). To stop a session, either press the STOP button in the app or double-tap the control box (followed by double vibration).

For the best results, the pet needs to be directly on top of the Petspemf Pad, or as close as possible. The frequencies are more intense closer to the coils; the further you go they are weaker. The Petspemf Pad can be used up to 30 cm or 11 in distance.

Depending on which program you are using, you can either place the whole Pad underneath your pet or if you are targeting one specific body part you can put the Pad over or under the specific area.  The most convenient time would be when the pet is resting or sleeping.

The outer cover of the Petspemf Pad can be removed and washed in a washing machine up to 30°C. The outer fabric can be ironed, but please make sure you don’t iron it on top of the Petspemf Pad, remove the cover before ironing. Avoid ironing on the area with the printed text. Additional covers can be purchased on our webshop.

The Petspemf Pad can be used on any flat surface. Place it on the floor, furniture, in the pet’s bed, transporter, or crate, and even use it in the vehicle. Make sure there isn’t anything metal between the Pad and the pet. You can also use the pad as a PEMF bed for a dog, cat, or other animal.

If your pet is refusing to lay on the Petspemf Pad in order to receive the treatment, you can try the following:

  1. Place it under your pet’s blanket or bed, where they are usually sleeping or relaxing.
  2. Cover it with a t-shirt, blanket, or anything else that has your smell.
  3. Put it in your pet’s favorite spot.
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If you continue to experience difficulties, please contact us at foryou@petspemf.com and we will assist you immediately.

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Using the Test Tube is very simple. Here are three steps for you to follow:

  1. Start a program
  2. Place the glass end of the Test Tube on the area of the coil
  3. Place your ear on the silver cap of the Test Tube to hear the pulses

As the magnet in the tube reacts to the magnetic fields being produced, you will hear the frequency of the electromagnetic pulses emitted by the coils of the Petspemf Pad. The sound should be quite faint, without any significant noise, and should produce more of a buzz than an extreme rattle. Visit our website for a detailed, video guide.

The LED lights on the left side of the flat surface of the device indicate the working state of Petspemf Pad. Petspemf Pad has integrated orange, red, and green lights.

  1. Blinking red light: The battery is low and you have to recharge the device.
  2. Blinking orange light (1 blink per second): Petspemf Pad is connected to your phone via Bluetooth®.
  3. Orange light on: Petspemf Pad is charging, USB is plugged in.
  4. No light on when charging: Petspemf Pad is fully charged.
  5. Blinking green light (1 blink per second): The chosen stimulation program is running.
  6. Slowly blinking green light (1 blink per 5 seconds): Petspemf Pad is on standby; USB is unplugged.

Ask Us A Question

How to choose the right PEMF device?

We have prepared an honest comparison among different types of PEMF devices for pets, leaving out the companies' respective names. Although all of the PEMF devices offer similar benefits, every claim specifying their PEMF system to be completely unique in its actions must be backed by science. It is therefore vital that all frequencies, intensities, and positioning of the PEMF devices are accompanied by corresponding studies.

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Petspemf Pad
Pad Localised PEMF devices Hight-intensity PEMF
Precise Application Can assist with conditions ranging from relaxation to chronic pain or assist in injury recovery. It is also important that devices are comfortable, and user-friendly Yes,
pets can lay down
Yes No Yes
Intensity The amount of charge stimulating the tissue is proportional to the intensity of the magnetic field. All of the frequencies and intensities should be supported by studies. 25 Gauss 0,05 - 1 Gauss 0,05  -1  Gauss More than 250/500 Gauss
Treatments PEMF is commonly used to treat pain, arthritis, inflammation, stiffness, and wounds. Relieves the pain and discomfort that many older pets experience. Yes Yes Only local application Yes
Device charging Batteries are rechargeable, there are no additional costs with the devices Yes Yes/No.
Some pads have replacable batteries
limited number of use.
Programs A vast range of programs. All of the programs should have a scientific background. 3 Up to 3 1 Usually 1
Money-back guarantee We all react differently to PEMF, and our conditions may vary. Therefore all sellers should offer a money-back guarantee. 15 days No returns No returns No returns
Easy-to-use For home devices, it is important that each device is easy to use. Yes Yes Yes No
Whole body application Whole-body PEMF devices are needed for full-body treatments (like OA, and relaxation). Yes Yes No Yes/No
24-hour use It is important that materials that are in direct contact with the skin are natural and breathable. Yes Yes/No No No
Pet friendly material PEMF devices need to be adjusted to the pet's behavior. The materials are breathable, anti-bacterial, anti-scratch, easy to remove, and washable. Yes No No No