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PEMF therapy has numerous scientifically-backed benefits for animals, helping them to relieve stress, pain, and accelerate their healing.

When using our PEMF devices, you shouldn’t be able to see, feel or hear the pulsed electromagnetic fields emitted from the device. Many customers expect to hear audible pulses and worry if the device is working as intended when the device works silently.

To verify that the stimulation is in progress use a magnet tester tube – a glass tube with a magnet cube inserted, and a metal cap, provided in every Pestpemf Pad kit.How to Check if the Petspemf Pad is Working? - Petspemf test tube 1

How to use the Test Tube?

Using the Test Tube is very simple. Here are three steps for you to follow:

  1. Start a program
  2. Place the glass end of the Test Tube on the area of the coil
  3. Place your ear on the silver cap of the Test Tube to hear the pulses

As the magnet in the tube reacts to the magnetic fields being produced, you will hear the frequency of the electromagnetic pulses emitted by the coils of the Petspemf Pad. The sound should be quite faint, without any significant noise, and should produce more of a buzz than an extreme rattle.How to Check if the Petspemf Pad is Working? - Petspemf test tube 2

The coils are placed in the Pad as shown in the picture above.

Full instructions are provided in the User Manual.
Video instructions can be found on our YouTube channel.

Here is a video example of the sound that the tube tester will emit if the device is working.

For additional assistance, please contact us at foryou@petspemf.com.

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